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KIO Zen is a frontend to the libnjb library. It uses KDE's IO Slave technology to display and alter your jukeboxe's content. However it does not implement the standard slave API. See kionjb if you want something like this. KIO Zen offers a user interface via HTML pages. Think of it as your jukebox has some kind of a web server built-in. Enter " zen:/ " into your Konqueror and surf your jukebox.

Implemented features are:

  • Hardware information like owner, version and disk status
  • Browse your stored music as artist or album view
  • Delete, upload or download artists or albums
  • Upload from CD or local music archive
  • Download to local music archive

Minimum requirements:

  • KDE 3.3
  • libnjb 2.0KIO Zen <=V.1.0.0
    libnjb 2.1KIO Zen V.1.1.1a
    libnjb 2.2KIO Zen >= V.1.2.1a
  • libusb 0.1.10
  • libid3 3.8